Paint-by-click AI art app

I have been working on this AI art app (built with Streamlit) :


Arther is an AI-powered paint-by-click app that generates a thematic sketch and segments it into regions of identical colors. The user can then fill each region with their selected colors. Upon completion Arther also reveals the original colors as produced by the generative AI engine.

I’d really appreciate if people can give it a try and provide me with some feedback!


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It kept me interested and satisfied with the result. It’s interesting how the software can generate thematic sketches and separate them into color-coded regions.

Arther, on the other hand, I think would benefit from a more defined target audience. Perhaps children would be an appropriate direction. In this case, stripping down the user experience to the bare essentials might improve accessibility and engagement for young users.

Overall, Arther is a promising web software for color exploration and learning. It is a nice stepping stone for individuals who want to explore the world of color.