Paid Users: Time for a boycott?

Hi fellow paid users,

Whether on ChatGPT Plus or Teams, we all pay a premium but get treated quite badly. Outages, bugs, no issue management or support (other than billing support), and big promises with poor/non-delivery. Individuallly, we don’t have much leverage; however, if enough of us cancel the next month, OpenAI will need to take notice espescially if we make a big enough impact to attract media coverage.

Who’s in?

For clarity, the purpose of a boycott would be to get 3 things:

  • A proper issue reporting mechanism for paid users that allows us to report bugs and other issues.
  • Transparency into a bug backlog and fix roadmap.
  • An SLA with service credits.

As a Plus subscriber I’m very annoyed right now, especially since it seems the Mac desktop app is for Apple Silicon only if you are even lucky enough to have access at all… But I think you are being overly dramatic. If you aren’t happy with the service, just cancel.

I’ll give them some more time to sort this out. But please OpenAI, give us an Intel Mac desktop app and a Linux desktop app that lets us use the new 4o voice features.

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I take your point; however, there are a lot of folks on here who have been talking about issues that just don’t get solved. There isn’t even an official issue management mechanism like you might find in Office 365 or G-Suite for example. Point is, we pay and we have the right to expect to get quality, to get what is advertised, and to be able to use the service fully.

If I genuinely thought that my cancelling the service in isolation would bring change, I’d do it; however, what’s $60 a month to a company worth $90bn? So, I ask again. Who’s in? :slight_smile: