Paid for ChatGPT Plus but is now gone and we have to pay again

Hi All,

Last Wednesday, we activated ChatGPT Plus and paid with our credit card. We were able to use GPT-4 for a week but since today all plus options are gone and we have to pay again to get plus.

Is this a bug from OpenAi? Or is there something else going on?

I also cannot find a place with a summary of the payment and a status.

Thank your for reading, hopefully someone can help us.

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Hey Wux,

I am facing the same issue. I upgraded to plus two days back, and it is asking me to upgrade again. And there is no payments page or my payment record to get hold of. I don’t know what is happening. Please let me know if you get any update. Thank you

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Hi Databeiber,

We have our plus account back now.

This morning the application was very slow and stuttering. Sometimes we were shown that we were in plus mode, but usually not. Now everything seems normal again.

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I’m having the same issue. I’ve been a paid member for over a month now and today its asking me to upgrade.


Same for me I have payed, I ve been billed, but I ve never had the possibility to use it, I want my money back! It s a bit annoying…Also there no way to contact them?

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God it wasn’t only me! Not working for me since an hour. Subscribed to their plus service earlier this month. I’m like asking everywhere to find out how to resolve this issue.

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