Paid for ChatGPT, never got an e-mail and/or confirmation/benefits

Hi, I got a popup saying that I could pay for professional, and I eventually did. I got to the stripe page, paid and it said it was successful. I returned and I saw nothing. I can’t even cancel my subscription, seems like a paid for something that was never there. I was wondering how I can get my money back, or get the get professional or just a place where I can manage my subscription.

I’ve checked OpenAI’s billing page, but nothing there as well. Can’t find any contact e-mail to contact them, and the chat doesn’t give me any option closely related to my problem just error feedback.

Thanks for any help in advance.

What does your “Manage Account” page indicate?

Do you have something which looks like the following? If so, please take a screen shot if you don’t mind and post it.

Hi thanks for your reply. Yes, I have something exactly like yours. I’m also using the OpenAI API, so the spending is from there.

I have never used stripe and usually always pay with a credit card (like AMEX for example) which stands behind me and cancels / refunds quickly if I need to dispute a charge.

Ah alright. I did pay with credit card via Stripe, which I could always cancel. But found it odd I got no option, and/or found no place to find help for this, unfortunately. I guess that’s my last option, but thanks for your input!

OpenAI has been experiencing exponential growth since ChatGPT made it to the top of the news hype cycle recently. So, OpenAI has a lot of growing pains right now and these kinds of hiccups are common when their servers are overwhelmed and they are short staffed and at the same time trying to roll out a new ChatGPT API, etc.

Give them a mulligan :slight_smile:

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I have the same problem, are there any updates on this since January?

Sorry I should clarify: I can use my subscription (e.g., use GPT-4 in the chat), but am confused as to where to find my invoice.

FAQ says this:

Screen Shot 2023-04-03 at 10.40.28

I can’t find “Manage my subscription” or even “My Account”, only “Manage account”, where I can get to the API usage page like shown on the screenshots of the previous posters. Maybe this has to do with me having an organization account where I’m the only member?


Ok I figured it out. The billing for the subscription and the API usage ist handled quite differently.

For API usage: platform.openai .com and then right sidebar “Manage account”

For subscription: chat.openai .com and then left sidebar “My account”