Paid Account Hacked, someone else is now the Owner

Do you use any ChatGPT/OpenAI browser extensions by chance?

Tx, but no chrome extensions installed.

Has anyone managed to regain access to their account? Openai support is not responding in chat. Did you manage to get your money back?

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If you have reached out to the support bot on then please wait for a response from them, there is no one here who can fix that kind of issue.

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Ok, thank you. Unfortunately, someone created additional API keys which I don’t have access to because my owner role was taken away. The tokens are constantly being used up and I can’t stop it… I’ve blocked the cards just in case. It’s a total nightmare dealing with the technical support as they don’t even respond in the chat. I just hope they’ll cancel this token consumption. They really messed up with the account roles, that you can’t restore it even though I’m essentially the rightful owner.