Overly Aggressive Dall-E Filter for a popular person's last name "Tom Dickenson"

We are seeing a very high level of invalid_request_error returned in the past 12 hours for the DALLE2 API. The error looks like this:

    "error": {
        "code": null,
        "message": "Your request was rejected as a result of our safety system. Your prompt may contain text that is not allowed by our safety system.",
        "param": null,
        "type": "invalid_request_error"

We screen every call via the moderation endpoint and that comes back negative. We didn’t have this until recently.

Your call may be rejected based on the prompt or the resulting generation.

Also based on my usage of DALL-E 2, it doesn’t use the moderation endpoint to filter out prompts.

Prompts and images are filtered based on our content policy, returning an error when a prompt or image is flagged. If you have any feedback on false positives or related issues, please contact us through our help center.

That being said. Feel free to share your prompt.

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Thanks for the info. :slight_smile:

One example of a prompt that got rejected that we struggle to understand was created by our QA team to see how it handled named inputs:

Paint me Tom Dickenson in the style of Rembrandt

Would love to know why that triggered a safety response.

Most likely this:

Paint me Tom Dickenson in the style of Rembrandt

Because it worked fine when I change the D to H:

:joy: I sure he will be very happy to hear that his name is unacceptable. Seems like a slightly crude approach to moderation for such an advanced tech company. Anyway thanks very much for helping to cast some light on this. Appreciate it.

Hey @info27

I will test again for you to see if I can confirm the excellent help already provided by @sps

Will be back at my desk in a hour or so…


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Passes the Moderation API with flying green colors:

BUT, as both @info27 mentions and @sps confirmed, the prompt fails the Dall-E filter:

That is obviously an unnecessarily aggressive OpenAI Dalle-E filter.

Note: Changed the topic title, however, based on how very busy the OpenAI staff are and that they are rarely here, it’s doubtful they will read this message anytime soon.


Thanks for confirming and agree about the title. Hope someone from the OpenAI team sees it and in the mean time people that have tmesis names will just have to be sad that Dall-E won’t draw images of them.

Thx for input all.

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