Outdated docs on managing teams


is not accurate. it is no longer under the chats in the lower left, but rather in the upper right as part of the profile.

please update (and maintain) your documentation so as to not confuse your users :slight_smile:

Here’s a screen shot:

(or even better-- please don’t randomly move things around – customers HATE this :crazy_face: – tell your friends at MS the same, lol) :rofl:

Please contact help.openai.com and report it there, this is a community forum, not a place to get in contact with the developers.

already did. get much quicker attention here, honestly.

The dev team is not active here, you can only get in contact with them through support.

that hasn’t been my experience. anyway, it is helpful for others who may be confused by faulty docs.
:innocent: :smile:

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A staff member gave you one reply on one of your topics four months ago. This topic will stay up for everyone else if they get confused.

different account. i have many accounts that i use for personal, work, startups, etc. would you like some examples of cold topics on some of my accounts? the worst is GPTs system data corruption. The only solution was to create a new GPTs and trash the old one. Happens frequently. No useful replies. I haven’t posted that one here yet, but will eventually. Anyway, I’m not trying to dis anyone. I LOVE the product and am just trying to help where I can and when I have time. Let me know if you feel my joking around comes across wrong. Just trying to have some fun and enjoy the AI wave :ocean: Cheers!

Sorry, not my intent. I was just letting you know that your chances of a dev team member responding to you are very low, and your post seemed to be a message to them, so I was letting you know.

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