Out of RPD, Clock Start - GPT Vision?

Is the RPD on a 24 clock based on GMT, or on first request clock starts? Can’t find any information in the docs.

Not actually tested it, my guess is a new “day” will be based on either whatever time zone the local node is on, or just defaulted to UTC. I’ll try and get a definitive on that next week.

Welcome @RickBL99,

That’s an interesting question.

The API uses UTC time for almost everything time-related, so it should likely be reset at the beginning of a new day per UTC.

However, a simple method to test this is to use a free account and make a number of calls equal to the RPD limit on the gpt-3.5-turbo model. It would only take RPD Limit/RPM Limit minutes.

Then, you can observe the request limit reset time in the headers. You can find more information about this here.

I’m specifying the free tier because of the low RPD requirements. Costs can be cut by setting max_tokens to 1 and using a single token prompt.

You will find that if you make a request and receive back its header, it will say something like 4999 request left. Make another request in a few minutes, same number. The requests are always “refilling” if you will, working back to a memoryless state.

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