Out of memory notification

I have no idea why I have this out of memory notification I have only 3 prompts in there.
and why I cannot get real support for this paid product?

Haven’t heard of this happening before. This sounds annoying.

Is this somehow related to another program on your device using all the available memory?
Can you maybe share a screenshot of the error message as well?

Hi, yes very annoying.

  1. I only have 3 prompts in there.
  2. I need them…
  3. I want to add more

I see the issue now. ‘Memory’ in this case is referring to the information you carry over from one conversation to the next instead of working memory from your actual device.

The solution is to go to the personalization settings and delete some of the memories.


I don’t want to delete the prompts I did.
I need them and they work really well but I need more memory

Just for clarification,
this is a memory:

And this is a prompt:

There is currently no way to add more memories to the ChatGPT web UI offered by OpenAI once you hit the limit.
Since this is the developer forum I can encourage you to build such a solution yourself. You can create a custom GPT with a knowledge file and add all the relevant details there.
Then you just have to make it work as expected. In case you run into any troubles feel free to start a new topic with any questions.


  1. in the next paid plan there is more memory? i have plus
  2. not sure what you mean by the clarification- the prompts are sitting inside the memory - arent they?