Organization system: is it used by anyone, or just a problem?

It seems the organization has very few purposes.

  • let others bill their API key use to another
  • let invited members use a fine tune

However it also has these nefarious purposes:

  • Someone that gets account access can invite themselves, become owner, and remove the original owner so the owner can’t even stop the billing.
  • Clandestine billing, that nobody would know to check members

And non-uses where there could be some:

  • You can only make one organization per account
  • You can lose your organization to another owner, and your account is useless without intervention.

Would anybody cry if it got shut off tomorrow?

Question: How do you actually use orgs if you do?

At first glance I would say this system can be improved. Today it definitely has value for small teams researching, developing and testing apps, among other use cases.

So, no. Please don’t shut it down without a proper replacement. Not implying that this would happen anytime soon.