Optional/Better UI with ChatGPT

I’m requesting that the ChatGPT UI be made into 2 panels. One for conversation and another for output.

Currently, there is a lot of wasted tokens that are sent with each request and it is also difficult to keep track of updates thru the conversation.

For example, consider working on some bit of code. In my suggestion, the source code appears on the right panel and the conversation about that source code occurs in the left.

If I ask for a change to the code, the right side panel is updated, possibly with some history (so i could see the last iteration).

For non-code work, its still the same. Suppose i ask some question about ancient Rome. The output about ancient rome appears on the right and ChatGPT ends with a comment on the left like “What do you think of that?” or “What else do you want to know?”

I might then say, “how many languages were spoken during that time period?”. The document building on the right side pane is updated with the new info where it makes sense.