Option to Switch threads to Chat 4 after message cap reached

I have been having issues using Chat 4 and finding my message cap reached, when it then asks me to use chat 3.5 and I accept, there is no available way to switch the thread back to chat 4.

I find it very valuable to continue using chat 4 in threads where I was specifically using chat 4.

Without the option to reference these chats in new chat 4 threads, much of the progress and reference data for the AI is lost or requires that I input a series of chats without response in order for a new thread to be accessible to chat 4.

If you could kindly update the system to have the option to swap back to Chat 4 after the message cap has been reached, that would be so helpful.

Otherwise I have to stop using the system on the current message thread in and use chat 3.5 on a new thread, in order to not lose the chat 4 status on the current thread, maintaining the chat 4 status.

Thoughts or work-arounds?

I’ve asked chat 3.5 to swap to chat 4 in the message threads but to no avail.


Hi all, same problem here. Is there a solution to this problem in the meantime? It’s getting annoying that I’m also limited by 3.5 because the text length is also limited. I have been building the chat for the last 6 months. From a user perspective, this is very unsatisfactory!