Optimize the chatgpt web interface to be more responsive on mobile devices

Dear OpenAI developer team,

I have been using the chatgpt research preview version for quite a while now and I really like everything about it. Most of the time I use it on my mobile device. And on Google Chrome I have noticed that as a chat session get bigger and bigger it also becomes unresponsive to the point where the browser crashes and my mobile phone freezes. My mobile phone isn’t a high end mobile phone but I think other people might also have experienced the same issue. Also when I open a previous chat it takes a long time to load.

I think all of this can be solved if you change the way it loads the chat history. Instead of loading all the chat history I am suggesting to load them whenever the user scroll to top seeking previous responses. So they load like blocks. When the user reaches the top it should load about 5 replies and responses at a time (haven’t tested the most optimized number).

I think you can understand my issue and I hope you would fix that as soon as possible.

Thanks ,

Have a great day !

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