OpentAI API request error : You exceeded your current quota... (now:major challenges/bug with prepayment credit system)

But do you still need to fill you credit balance to be able to use the api or are you billed at the end of the month?

Yes, you need to put credit on your new account via a credit or debit card.

This is crazy, we have $5000 of usage limit, this means we must refill manually 1 hundred times to use it. And it’s not even possible because there is a strong cap on the number of refills per day. And we can’t have more than $50 of credit balance. So we can’t run a job that costs more than $50. Even with a $5000 usage limit.

If you have $5000 of grant, then clearly you do not need to pay, you may need to reach out to the folks over at and enquire as to why you are being limited with a 5k grant.

Yes, you are correct it is a bit daft, and unfortunate you did something like remove your prior billing plan that would have caused you to become enrolled in the pre-payment credit purchase plan.

You also accurately described its poorly-thought limitations, a max $50 fine-tune even if you do get your balance and ongoing usage to an optimum state to attempt.

Let us know if a message sent via the help assistant will get them to change your account type back to post paid. For now, documentation only says this will be possible in the future.

Here is the answer from “Jessy”

Hi there,

Thank you for contacting OpenAI Support regarding your request to revert to monthly billing.
We appreciate your feedback regarding our products. We have taken note of your comments and will review them internally.
Regarding your request, as of now, the option to switch from prepaid billing to monthly billing is currently unavailable. Our team is still working on this feature, and we'll update our help center article, 'What is prepaid billing?' as soon as it's available.
We hope for your kind understanding and patience in this matter. If there's anything else we can assist you with, please don't hesitate to reach out to us, and we'll be happy to assist you.
Thank you, and have a great day. Stay safe!
OpenAI Support

It’s kafkaian…
The only action which was done on the account was to replace the default payment method because the credit card was expiring at the end of august.

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From this experience we only have a warning to others, lest OpenAI destroy the utility of your high-value arrears-billing account and your business itself by switching you to the prepay credit system with its awful implementation (and maybe only just today the bug that would prevent any credit spending at all fixed):

  • Beware the danger of removing cards and payment methods. Step lightly using this technique if a card MUST be updated: Add a new card to your account. See that it is authorized and accepted. I would give it 48 hours just sitting there (aligning with the 48 hours to increase rates, in order to trust a new card). Then you see two cards as payment methods. Only then switch default to the new card, still within the payment methods screen. Only do this if you must.
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I am getting the same error now for all my API keys. I have loaded a credit of 50$ and still the same issue. But the API key in my other account is working. Any details regarding this will be helpful.

Does someone have solution of that problem cuz I’m also stuck.

We can inquire: was the solution to wait 12 hours until the payment was processed?

It’s work for me by
adding payment method,
setting auto recharge on
and creating a new key.

I had the same problem. I seemed to have solved it by going to:

Here I had a negative credit balance. I clicked on “Add to credit balance” and added $10 so that the balance was no longer negative. Then it worked again!

Confusing that there are so many different ways to hit a limit!

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I found a fix that worked for me. I had a $10 credit balance but it always responded with the quota error. Then I went to Billing Settings, switched to the Preferences tab and filled out all the info. From then on it has worked. I don’t know whether those updates are necessary for it to work or if it just triggered a re-evaluation of my status. Good luck.

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Hey folks, I flagged this to the team so we can spend some cycles looking into these issues. I am going to close this thread since these mega threads often times become a catch all for many different issues which makes it hard to debug further, we bookmarked this to use it while we investigate.

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