OpenAI Whoa there! You might need to wait a bit

I cannot log in with ChatGPT Plus - cannot even cancel the subscription because I cannot log in.
How can I reach an actuall person for support? I tried different devices and different browsers.


I have the same issue. I have no idea how to fix it, I tried changing VPN, turning it off all together, changing browsers.

I have the same problem.
like this OpenAI Whoa there! You might need to wait a bit

I have the same issue since about three hours. I was asked for my login. I’m using a Microsoft-account. When I confirmed the login with the Authenticator-App, I was redirected to login page and when I tryed to log in a second time, the “Whoa there” message was presented.

Ditto that, same issue here, while also being a Plus subscriber.

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Same here, I logged out because I was getting the invalid URL error in ChatGPT 4 like in the other thread but found I now can’t log in again. So now I have no access to even ChatGPT 3. Obviously I’m a paid plus subscriber too.

I have exactly the same issue while being a plus member too. Is there anyway to fix this?


It is really disappointing that beeing a Plus subscriber and still can’t connect to server…

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I am glad I have PLUS. IF this is with Plus, can you imagine the user experience of those in the regular plan?

This is just a result of the super high demand.

Currently we are receiving more requests than we are are comfortable with!

Well your first mistake was paying a subscription, that offers no real unique features worth having. Currently the app is at it’s highest popularity, taking the world by storm, as it has an advantage over all overs on the market, though that might change soon.

I’m doing a test here, it’s annoying having put a lot of time into writing an ideas post just to have it taken down without any reason giving.

Experiencing same issue today. That and I’m also pretty sure I was double billed.

But the regular plan is free though so they wouldn’t lose anything by missing a day…

Hmm I found I can log in now, how about anyone else? But ChatGPT 4 is still not working.

I guess it all depends on how the person’s use of the service is. In my case, it is continuous.

No idea what that means…