OpenAI support team ignoring emails and chatbot support

I have been completely locked out of my account for over a month. Every time I have sent help requests either by email or through the site chatbox, It gets ignored. My problem is that when I try to log in using the authentication method that I used during signup, I’m met with an error message saying “(error=identity_provider_mismatch). On OpenAI’s website it says to try and login with a different account, but when I get to the login step, It says “this phone number is linked to a suspended account”. I have sent them over 5 emails, 3 chat box messages but they yet to respond. I have not broken any of the TOS rules that they have in place. All I want to do is make goofy stories with the bot and help me with my work sometimes.


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I hear you, Henry. I’m experiencing a completely different issue, and tried same emails and chat box. 24 hours later, no response; not even a standard acknowledgement email that most companies have.

I even asked ChatGPT, who gave me the same info, and directed me to the community forums. We’re not alone! All we can hope for is a human from OpenAI to respond to our inquiries and make things right. Otherwise, people will find alternatives from other companies.

Well, that was a mistake, haha.

ChatGPT is an autocompleting, hallucinating chatbot with zero data after mid 2021.

You might as well be asking a lunatic a support question, to be honest.


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