OpenAI Support Doesn't Respond

OpenAI isn’t even responding to emails. I’ve sent numerous emails, and they don’t respond. Yes, they are generally the same topics, but they don’t even bother responding anymore. In addition, a few times my last response was me providing information, and them never responding to it again.

Also, for the love of god, why do they not have a phone number? Even slimy slum lords have a phone number.

They probably have fewer than 100 people working on support, and they receive thousands of emails daily. You will probably need to wait at least a month.

This has been going on for over a year. There has been no improvement. They still haven’t responded to my emails, and when they do, we talk for a bit and then they stop. I don’t care that they get a lot, their customer support is poor.

OpenAI no longer has an email address. Support is done through the widget, sending a message.

I got a request for a screenshot back within a week for reporting and documenting a system-wide persistent problem.

I am aware of that, it’s actually not hard to get email to that one. So yes, that’s information I was already aware of. It does still connect to your email address, which is what I was mentioning. Also, I’m happy it worked out for you, but it hasn’t been working for me whatsoever.

OpenAI needs a reliable way to contact an actual person. Their AI generated responses are insulting and they have yet to fix basic functionality. ChatGPT is becoming more and more stupid and it needs fixing, as does their insanely strict, draconian, content policy.