OpenAI shouldn't display this message

I’d argue the apologies are detrimental to their business. People will ultimately choose the AI product that doesn’t make you :nauseated_face:

I literally cringe each time I see em. Sure I ignore it too. But as a game designer by trade I know a thing or two about human behaviour. Trust me, you don’t want to trigger a cringe reaction in your users.

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You can blame all the people trying to jailbreak it for that, you used to be able to tell the model that this was a fictional videogame, now it’s just going to apologize

If you need some output there’s more “game friendly” you can try DaVinci instead, it behaves mostly like the old version of GPT.

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I still use davinci a lot. We just have to list what tasks are best done with davinci engines and the ones that require GPT-4.

If we’re talking about cringe then all of the morality suggestions and “it’s important to remembers” need to be removed. As a user I’m not interested in moral advice or disclaimers. I just want an answer to the question I’m asking. And to be honest that makes me and many others cringe magnitudes more than the apologies. It almost made me walk away from ChatGPT altogether, but then I found the APIs and realized I can gain access to it without those. But for most people who don’t have any interest in using an API or even know how, I’m willing to bet that’s the most significant turn off.