OpenAI’s Gpt4 api access policy is total BS!

Been giving openAI plenty of money through a chatgpt plus subscription since it started, but for some reason because we put money in their left pocket instead of their right pocket we still can’t get access to the gpt4 api. 1 dollar in api usage before July 6th, 2023 became the preordained mark of god that you were worthy of gpt4 api access, but 140 dollars of chatGPT plus access meant you were an idiot. Thanks OpenAI!

Their wording in the initial public release was very poorly thought out.

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They’re in the process of rolling it out to all developers by the end of the month.

Everyone should have access in the next week or so. I understand you may be frustrated, but they need to be careful to not overextend the availability faster than they can ramp up resources allocated to it.