OpenAI-powered Investment Analyst

I have built a system using the OpenAi API so that you can ask a question that you may have about a company or stock and the system, which Iā€™m calling Michael :slight_smile:, will find an answer for you using embeddings and similarity scores. You can test it out at by just making an account!

A few examples of this would be:

  • Question for Disney: Which park is the most profitable?
    • Answer: Disneyland Paris is the most profitable park in Q4 2022, as it saw both revenue
      and operating income exceed 2019 levels.
  • Question for Costco: How is inflation impacting you?
    • Answer: Inflationary pressure on wages is expected to be elevated in fiscal 2022 versus
      pre-pandemic levels, and this is one of the factors we are keeping a close eye
      on as we evaluate our annual operating plan.

Right now the knowledge base that its using to generate response is just company earnings calls, but I plan to expand it to earnings releases and filings as well.