OpenAI mishandles ratelimit from IPs, can't use ChatGPT from mobile

This isn’t quite related to the API, but since there is really no other place, I figured I’d post it here:

My mobile provider (like many others) is using one (or a few) public IPs to tunnel all the request from within their network. Which means, every major site sees increased traffic from these IPs. It’s probably true for several VPN and tunnel endpoints too. So far so good. When I’m using that provider I can’t use ChatGPT anymore though. I log into my account, so it has a unique identifier, but I only see a white page because the request to “” fails with “Rate limit exceeded”. If I use another IP from my fiber ISP it works as expected.
Now it’s understandable that there needs to be some from of flood control, but tying that to the IP instead my account AFTER I’m logged into my account - an account I’m paying money for - is either a bug or terrible practice.

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I am running into the same problem right now, but on all IPs. My logged-in session works fine, but when I try to log in from a different browser or a different host, I get a 429 error. Could it be related to plugin dev access I wonder?

Same issue. I am running Ubuntu if that helps.