OpenAI & Integromat (Make)

Hi guys, I’m having quite a lot of issues on how to set the Open AI code into Integromat (now Make). I’d like to let OpenAI spit a rewriting of a paragraph and send it back to Integromat. I know I should use a HTTP module in Integromat, but I don’t know how to properly set it up.

Do you have any tutorial on it or a resource i can follow? Thank you!

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I played with Integromat a couple years back… IIRC, I used it for an in between with Snatchbot… and used Webhooks…

I think this is what I had working… basically, you’ll need to query OpenAI on your own server…

Hope this helps!

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Hi Paul! Thanks, actually it helps, but just a little because I’m a complete noob. Would you mind sharing some addictional resource or something more specific about your automation? :slight_smile:

Here’s a rundown of webhooks…

Basically, you’ll want a script on your own server that queries the GPT-3 API and returns the result to Integromat. I don’t believe you can query from Integromat itself.

What are you trying to do exactly?

So, I’m looking for this automation:

Airtable > OpenAI > Airtable

Essentially I’d need OpenAI to read a set of articles excerpts on on Airtable view and rewrite/translate them on another Airtable view.
I already got the OpenAI code from the Playground, but I’m having issues in integrating it on Integromat.

I found this video, but not all steps are clear to me.

I’ll check that Webhook article in the meantime. Thank you!

Yeah, I think you’ll have to run the GPT-3 API stuff on your own server and hit it as a webhook to get the response…

Just skimmed the video… Looks like he’s calling the API directly from integromat with HTTP…

What exact steps are unclear? How familiar are you with webdev/APIs? Do you have your own server? What “OpenAI code” are you trying to run?

Not really familiar with webdev, honestly. I was looking at a way to implement it with just nocode tools. That’s why I stumbled upon that video.

You should still be able to figure it out. Keep at it.

What “OpenAI code” are you trying to run?

I’m figuring out how to connect the code downloadable here from the Playground with HTTP module in Integromat.
Still no success to this moment, but will keep tryin!

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I made a demo of this here - Build an AI Slack Bot with No Code and Free Tools! - Full Walkthrough - YouTube using Make and OpenAI.

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