OpenAI have a wrong phone number to my account and the chat support is ignorant

I tried to get a PLUS subscription for ChatGPT. On the phone confirmation page I had to confirm a phone which is not the one I used to register to ChatGPT. I used a different phone - my actual phone - and when I registered I got the confirmation message with the code to my actual phone.
The phone that OpenAI has associated with my account though is a phone I used to have 3 years ago in a different country and no longer do and is NOT the phone I used to register. The only way OpenAI could have gotten this phone is from my google account because I had forgotten to change my phone there. However I have never given permission to OpenAi to get my phone from my google account. I manually entered my phone when registering. Now it seems there’s no way to change it.

I tried to speak to a member of the help tem - through the chat but there is no option to choose for “account” in the intro chat. The closest one is billing. So I explained my issue and the reply I got from someone named Cassy is the following:


Thank you for reaching out to OpenAI support.
We sincerely apologize for the delay in responding to your message. We’re currently experiencing an unprecedented volume of inbound messages. As a result, our responses are taking longer than usual.
We reviewed your account and we don’t see any subscription associated with your email address add email address here.

If you can provide the following information, it will greatly help us investigate on this matter further:

1. Any alternative email address you may have used when you submitted your subscription (if applicable)
2. Date of the charge for your subscription (MMDDYYYY)
3. Last 4 Digits of the Card Charged
4. Brand of the Card (Visa, Mastercard, etc.)
5. Expiration Date of the Card
6. Billing Zip

We look forward to your response and appreciate you working with us to resolve this concern.
OpenAI Support

Which has nothing to do with my phone issue that I described in the chat. This person Cassy didn’t even bother to enter my parameters in the copy paste reply - “add email address here” … Complete disrespect.

I can’t get a PLUS unless my phone is changed to my actual one. And I need how OpenAI got my old phone explained.

I have asked this person Cassy to put me in contact with someone else or a supervisor, she is not replying.

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