OpenAI doesn't do simple tasks they promise, how can we trust them?

From @elmstedt

I suggest looking for failed or hung up calls to, r, t, or p.

It’s behaving essentially the same in edge inside a windows vm too.

I have opened up Brave browser (back in linux again) so I could see a chrome devtools similar to the one you posted, and low and behold it’s seeming to run quite well in there (for now).

I’m am 100% certain that this was occurring in Brave in May though, as testing in a different Browser is an obvious thing to check.

So, currently, Edge in windows has the issue, Firefox in Manjaro has the issue, Brave in Manjaro doesn’t (but has done before).

I half expect that if I continue with Brave I will see this occur at some point.

Very strange as Edge is just Chrome with dark glasses and a hat on… more investigations needed.

Here is a series of screenshots of the single response that I took in Firefox just now:

That third image has been sitting there for over 30 seconds.

and of course, the response completes as I type this comment to you lol.

But… I am noiticing somethign that seems fairly consistent, I think (everytime) it finally repsonds (unless I missed one), and that is the error I highlight in this next screenshot:

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That seems to be a VirtualBox/VM issue, if you google that error at least that’s the top result. could be a red herring. Worthy of note though.

The intermittent nature of it screams ISP or middle infrastructure though.

this is firefox on my host.

I mispoke about over 30 seconds… it was about 30 seconds when I opened my phone, wen tto my timer, hit the stop watch ,started typing in here, and then went back… so it would have been over a minute.

The hard part is the inconsistency, it’s always fast on a new chat, then at some point suddenly gets slow, but not consistently as slow.

as for ISP, interesting that it occurs when tethered through my phone too.

Egde felt a little bit faster to me, but was slow. Brave seems to be doing OK at the moment… I’m sorry that it is a little hard to be definitive, slowness can be subjective.

The NS I imagine is “Name service”, so that might suggest ISP too. This is in Australia using Telstra network, my phone is on the Optus network.

Im’ trying to give as much information as I can :slight_smile:

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I dunno, could still be any number of issues other than the ISP per se.

Reordered AJAX responses while fetching peripheral data, for instance: if the title of the last offscreen conversation in the history arrives before the first offscreen conversation, then the code to populate the title cards goes into an O(n^2) loop trying to do array insertions as the middle ones arrive, or whatever. I’m not suggesting that as the actual problem, just an example of the sort of edge cases that crop up.

FWIW: Debian bookworm, using Chrome, from California, lousy network, and I don’t have these problems.