OpenAI doesn't do simple tasks they promise, how can we trust them?

If we can’t trust OpenAI to do simple things they promise, such as update a forum post about a bug that affects multiple people, then how can we trust them to manage something as important as AI?

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This is usually caused by a browser extension you have running, usually a password manager or an extension that modifies web pages.

Try the site with a different browser and also try in incognito mode.

Nope. As reported in the forum post it also occurs running in a live USB environment. It happens across different browser types, versions and environments.

Right, but it’s not happening to most users, so something is different for a very small percentage of the userbase, that tends to be caused by external factors to the server infra being used, it could be a bad relay somewhere, an issue with the ISP, al sorts. So narrowing that down is important.

Have you tied using a mobile device with cellular data as the a hotspot and not your usual ISP?, wired and not wifi, etc. What country are you in? This might give some help to narrowing down.

“Have you tied using a mobile device with cellular data as the a hotspot and not your usual ISP?”
I was sure that I have tested via my mobile’s hotspot.

I have tried yet again just now.
Here’s the screen shot of it “hanging”

Plenty of time to open up the screenshot software, drag the handles to get the selected area, with no fear of it not catching it at this point because it is so slow.

I am running on linux, and I notice a few other people on the other forum post mentioned linux too.

all these quotes resonate with my experience.
that forum post was post on May 14, and every single report mentions it starting withing a week of that forum post. and seemingly all at the same time.

Ok, I’ll raise the linux aspect of this issue with OpenAI, what flavour are you running?

I’m on Manjaro valba8 say they are on Mint.
The other users did not mention which OS.

There is a clue in that seems to be that this appears to have occurred to multiple users at the same, or close to the same time.

All that standard troubleshooting things have been performed repeatedly, if their help system comes back with “please clear your cookies” on more time I think I might have a stroke.

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No, this won’t be via the help system. I will probably not get anything back on this until at least Monday, and probably some time after that. But rest assured I will pass this up the chain to be looked at, I don’t know what kind of priority will be placed on it though.

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It did seem to clear up for a about 2 days, and then started occurring again this morning.

“I don’t know what kind of priority will be placed on it though.” given that it’s multiple users, maybe a small percentage in the grand scheme of things, but not just one, it’s a varied set then I think it should be given priority.
If it doesn’t work for everyone then it doesn’t work.

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I hear you, I’m just being realistic with prospects. Hopefully you can apricate that engineering assets will have to be deployed to look into an issue like this and those assets are heavily loaded.

Of course.
My gripe is that it has been two months and the best I have got from OpenAI is essentially “we received your message, good luck”.

I’m sorry your experience has been a negative one, and yes, there absolutely needs to be an improvement in support times and responses, but at the same time there is a finite pool of resource to go around. Additionally, there is a userbase growing at a rate not experienced in any industry before and there are growing pains as those logistics issues are addressed.

I will ensure that your issue is seen, but I can’t guarantee a response time at the moment.

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It’s worth getting more information from all the users experiencing the issue, well at least all those that participated on the other forum post.
The forum rules prevent me from submitting more than one reply, so I can’t even update that post with a link to this one.

Would be worth surveying them and finding what we all have in common
Maybe OS?
Maybe location?
Maybe time-zone?

Because of that multiple reply restriction I can’t trigger a notification and get their attention in order to perform such a survey.

I’d also be curious to see if any of them have had it resolve for them.

Feel free to post to that thread to that effect, but for now I’ll attempt to replicate it in the morning and pass it up the chain. If you can get more definitive answers then all the better, the less head scratching a tech has to do the more likely it is to get addressed promptly.

I can’t, all I can do is edit my last post and that will not notify them. It makes it quite difficult to communicate.

Agreed… My goal is to resolve this issue, if I can make it easier for that to happen I’ll do so.

Great, now this post has been removed as “offensive”… ridiculous. :frowning:

I run Linux and have never experienced this type of hanging.


Same, trying to think what it could be.

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I am in Australia; It be interesting to find the commonalities of affected users.
The issue has an intermittent nature, for example sometimes it happens after about 3 responses, other times like 10 or 20 (hard to tell).
It’s never on the first or second reply

The slow-down is variable, sometimes it locks the browser up takes many minutes to reply, other times it replies in about 1-2mins.

One nuance I notice is that if I press the refresh button, nothing happens until I hit the ‘stop’ button on the reply generation, and then the page refreshes… so it’s definitely eating up the resources of the browser in that way.

That is happens in a browser in a liveUSB is eliminates that it’s cookies, or extensions, and this is supported by users reports.

As I type this, I realise I can boot up a windows VM and see what happens in there using edge. I’ll report back.

It would definitely be interesting to find out the commonality between users having this issue.

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