OpenAI API error langchain error: context_length_exceeded

I just setup the OpenAI API key and I am getting the error langchain error: context_length_exceeded even when my query is only 2 characters. How is this possible? Where do I set the context length?

Isn’t a ChatGPT plus account supposed to come with some free OpenAI API credits? How do I get those? I bought credits to get started faster but if there are free credits with ChatGPT Plus I’d like to know how to use them.

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Nope! It’s currently independent of whether you have a chat plus account or not. You can go to to see if you have any credit.

What model did you use?

In any case, that’s a langchain issue - langchain (depending on your setup) injects a ton of stuff into your context. It’s also possible that it’s a misconfiguration. In LangChain.

LangChain reddit can probably help you better: Reddit - Dive into anything

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I figured it out, thanks. It’s a bug in the application I’m using. It has a max context length setting and if that setting is higher than the model supports even if your query is very small it breaks the API implementation.


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