OpenAI API Bug: Delete Fine Tuned Model

The API end point for deleting a fine tuned model is:



This means you can only delete fine-tuned models which have been assigned model names.

However, when a fine-tuning is cancelled, there is no model name assigned, so you cannot delete it.

Example: Cancelled FTMs do not have model names so they cannot be deleted with the current API:

Potential Solution

Permit API users to delete FTMs using the fine-tuned ID.



Normally, we would delete by id, not name, so there must be a reason OpenAI devs choose to restrict model deletions to the model name, so if OpenAI devs want to go this route with the name only, then a name should be assigned to a cancelled model, like:


But it seems that permitting API users to delete by using the fine-tuned model ID is a cleaner way to go.

Either way, please fix this so we API users can delete cancelled fine-tunings :+1:



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The same problem exists for the situation when a tuning fails @logankilpatrick, because a name is never assigned to the model because it fails (or cancelled), an OpenAI API user cannot delete this failure (ever) using the API.

This means the OpenAI API should provide a method to delete fine-tuned models by fine-tuned model ID (not only the name).



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Yes; I have a few failed models which I could not delete them. OpenAI better provide delete by id.

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