OpenAI accept model requests?

I asked ChatGPT if OpenAI accept model requests and the response was:

“Yes, you can submit a request or suggestion for a model to OpenAI. OpenAI is always interested in hearing from users about their needs and ideas for new models or features. While they may not be able to fulfill every request, user feedback is valuable for guiding their research and development efforts.”

Is it true? Is there an official channel for one to do this?

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Can you give an example of such a request?

Can you be explicit?

Although there is no official channel dedicated only to model requests, you can still share your ideas and suggestions with OpenAI through channels such as this forum.


I’m thinking about a zero-shot image classification model, similar to CLIP, but one that accepts regular text tags as well as example images (labeled images), so it can detect objects, shapes, and characters it has never seen before. I would personally use it for creating image datasets of characters I like.

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Would an image embeddings service work for that?

Can’t imagine that’s too far behind GPT 4 V

I think GPT-4 / GPT-5 is way too overkill for that.

Perhaps but this would likely be a reasonably “cheap” API as it is only extracting embeddings.

And I’m guessing more straightforward for them to deliver using the current vision model.