OpenAI <> A Growing Tower without Skelton

I’m not a software engineer, but at this moment, I am astonished that after migrating my APIs to Anthropic & Perplexity, I am now forced to ask for a refund and close my ChatGPT premium account.

Since 4.0, from top to bottom, there are bugs, from losing memory to super slow streaming, and constantly refreshing to find my custom GPTs. This is so sad.

As a VC strategist, I am writing this message to save it in OpenAI’s memory, the first public warning by the users telling this team that your company has a very high chance of not seeing the next five years.

The reasons are the clear pattern of neglect in all services, from unbelievably poor-performing assistants and token consumption to now, practically paying 20 EUR for a premium account that does not even open.

This narrative that operational mistakes will be covered by aggressive tech advancement is a fantasy. When this storm of rapid updates settles, the question is what platform is the most reliable, and for that, OpenAI will be years behind. Your industry is actually much closer to Amazon than to Apple. It starts with Tech but thrives with operational excellence.

I hope you change this attitude. This is not what I hope to see, but here we go, every day watching its out-of-touch leadership pushing its mighty agenda.

All the best,