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The I/O INSTITUTE would like to thank OpenAI and affiliates on helping us discover a new field of psychology. ΛI PSYCHOLOGY™ examines machine learning’s impact on human psychology and ​ ΛI PSYCHOLOGIST™ train machines for more humanistic qualities. I’m sure there is more to come. If you’d like to contribute drop me a line of interest.




Aloha @Romolo,

You’d be surprised how much you already know! Specifically, what’s been named the Psychology of Law™. This is one of the foundational models for an ΛI Psychologist™. The irony about the I/O INSTITUTE is that it will serve to disrupt institutions. I’d like to formulate it similarly to cryptocurrency. This will give it the greatest strength to survive. Here is the basis for ΛI Psychology™ > Psychology of Law + Natural Language Cognitive Architecture (currently under review) + psycholexicons = A Mental Healthcare API. Please let me know if I shall expand on the visualizations below.

[Divergent Reasoning] (Luca_Pacioli_A_Friend_of_Leonardo_da_Vin.pdf - Google Drive):

[Thematic Analysis] (Φ.pdf - Google Drive):

A psychological state of text that is incoherent. Lacks internal structure. This is a poorly written law.

This why.

How might we asses this law’s psychological state?


And an output like?

Real word implications:

That being said, we could test ​ the ΛI Psychology™ model with a safe application in Industrial/Organizational Psychology (I/O Psychology) that doesn’t violate OpenAI’s community agreement. I suspect we could automate 50% of I/O Psychology and save businesses a lot of money. As a service this would be plentiful…




I think you should read something from Joseph Weizenbaum, the inventor of ELIZA, before going on with that nonsense…

What about Marvin Minsky? Please elaborate on your concept of nonsense. I am curious to learn what you mean. Thx.

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