Open AI GPT chat and data history export doesn't work chrome, edge and android


I know that i should be on but there is only FAQ without possibility for direct e-mail or chat contact and in FAQ there is not included my subject.
Open AI GPT chat and data history export doesn’t work. I checked this on 3 diffrent places chrome, edge and android. System confirms possibility of doing export and informs about export as done. But there is no copy of history on email. I used this 2 months ago and everything was OK. Yesterday and today didn’t work.

Can somebody help ?

Thank You for all support and sorry for disturbances.


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You can also request a data export via

Not sure what the issue with the other functionality is but this should work.

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I have been trying this for two days without success as well.

It will be good if everyone who read this would check export data by himself and write if it doesn’t work. Maybe it is GENERAL problem.

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Thank You, I did it.

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I requested a data export and haven’t received the mail, yet. I did get a confirmation that everything should be fine though…

Exactly the same here. I am waiting for email from yesterday … longer than 24 hours …

I received my data export about 12 hours after clicking the export button on the web interface.

This used to be much faster, but compared to other providers, it’s still relatively quick.

One suggestion for improving the experience would be to adjust the message displayed after requesting the data export to better manage expectations regarding when the email with the download link will arrive.

This started working again for me, and I receive the email within minutes.


Yes it works now. Case closed.

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