On Screen Display for Ordered List Different Than Output

I noticed a bug in the dispalyed response for an ordered list on screen verse the output when I copied the response to my clipboard.

I am using GPT 3.5.

To quickly explain the scenario, I had ChatGPT clean up a list of sixteen book chapters an add a number to each item. I then asked for an additional eleven entries to be added.

The respose that I was given repeatadly had the additional chapters (17-27) presented at 1-11. I prompted it to generate the respose again, but again it was listed as 1-11 and not 17-27 as requested.

I finally decided it would be easier to manually renumber the items. I discoved when I copy and pasted the respons to a new document, they were ordered and numbered correctly at 17-27.

This forum will do the same thing, the markdown interpreter rewriting ordered lists. Here I number these 1,4,2:

  1. Create a list by writing a number and a period;
  2. Put a second list item starting with “2.”;
  3. See that your two has been replaced with four.

Any break in the type of output, such as a new line, will restart the markdown numbering.

The solution is software that doesn’t recode into html li/ol elements, only css style formatting to indent if appearing like a list.