Often, Assistant includes system prompts in its payload

Often, situations occur in which assistant include system prompts in its payload.

If you have any good ideas to prevent this, I’d like to discuss it.

Not sure if this is the same issue, but I’ve had the problem of the Assistant sending back my prompt to me. I’m using Apple Shortcuts to interact with it (so I can talk to it via HomePod), so I’ve started detecting whether the Assistant response is identical to the User prompt and adding an arbitrary wait time and re-check until it clears and provides its message. That seems to work most of the time, but occasionally, for reasons that are beyond me, I’ll still just have my prompt echoed by to me.

#### Polling for updates

In order to keep the status of your run up to date, you will have to periodically retrieve the Run object. You can check the status of the run each time you retrieve the object to determine what your application should do next.