Offline Documents?

Hi there,
I am about to be in spotty internet for the next 48 hours, and I would love to read through the documentation on*

I have tried to download this using a scraping tool, but cannot as the proxy is in between.

Any help for offline usage of the documentation? I have the PHP, HTML and other documentation offline for these types of times.

Iā€™m not sure what kind of devices you have at your disposal, but it is possible on most devices to stitch together screenshots of a webpage. The API reference is one big page that can be screencapped, though the guides/tutorials are split up

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Thanks, that is not a bad idea.
I guess a Chrome browser extension would get me there in that fashion.

Not exactly the same, but Microsoft has a PDF for its OpenAI Azure service thingie
azure cognitive-services openai | Microsoft Learn

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