Official document on languages supported by GPT-4 model?


Is there an official document on the languages supported by GPT-4 model? I try to find online, but can only get some results from 3rd party websites, and their lists are different, some show 50, some show 80, some show 100+.

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แŽฆแ™แƒแ’ แŽฉแแ…แŽฆแŸ แŽคแดแŽฆแŽ  แ“แ—แŽพแแŽฉ. แŽฆแแ†แ‚ แŽฉแฆแŽงแŽ  แงแแ†แฏ แŽ แŽฆ แ—แŽฆแ‚ แ—แ“แ‚แŽฉ.

แ…แ“ชแ“—แ“ˆแ‘Žแ‘แ‘ฆ แƒแ“šแ“แ“‡แ–… แƒแ’ชแ“‚แ‘ฆแ‘Žแ‘ฆ. แ…แ’ชแ“‚แ“ฏแ…แ“‚แ–… แƒแ“ชแ“—แ“แ“‚แ•†แ‘ฆ แ“‡แ’ปแ’ชแ“—แ–“แ‘ฆ แ“„แ“‡แ•แ”ชแƒแ‘ฆแ‘ŽแŠแ“‡แ–…แ‘แ‘ฆ.

import openai

Cherokee. Inuktitut. Python.

When you get to languages that there are no living speakers of, then the fluency in those tends to diminish, ultimately to just dictionaries. There is no set limit, just what has appeared enough in training data to be understood. It takes probing to find emergent abilities.

Hey, did you find an answer to this question? Iโ€™m not being able to find anything too.