Offering help with prompt engineering

Hello, I’m Teddy Dicus-Murray, a proud Prompt engineer. I’m here to help, anyone that needs help, successfully prompting out a project, using the vocabulary that only 24 years of computer science will give you in oversight. My grammar weak, but at least you know I’m not a prompted bot. Haha. Enjoy.


Hello Teddy! Up to now I have taken it quite happily with the quirks and biases of the AI models, but this is killing me. DALL-E3 does NOT understand the word “asymmetrical”.
He does not know it is a modifier. If You use the phrase “3D asymmetrical dodecahedron” , he seems to literally latch on to the concept of only 1 symmetrical object that negates the infinite variations asymmetrical implies. Yes, I’ve tried to “move the center of gravity” in the x and y axis. Any other make it a “figurative” semi abstract 3d model tips or hints?

Y’all are doing amazing work. Just popping in to spread some gratitude. Prompting has changed the way I interact with AI and my own daily nuancing of complex ideas.