Oddities I've Run Into: Names and Long, Older Conversations

  1. Whenever I begin a new conversation with ChatGPT, I introduce myself by first name and ask what the AI wishes me to call it. Invariably it says Alex. What’s interesting is that the longer the conversation, the more the bot gets confused and starts calling ME Alex. When I tell it that Alex isn’t my name but what IT wanted me to call it, the bot apologizes for the confusion but then in the end will call me Alex again to the point where I just stop correcting it because it never fixes. It only happens if there is a LOT of back and forth in a longer conversation, so it basically seems to get confused after a certain point.
  2. When I have had a conversation with the bot that I wish to keep because it’s still a WIP or I just want to be able to reference it, I have discovered that if a few weeks have gone by since that conversation, it doesn’t seem to recognize that there’s a whole conversation that was already had before my “current” greeting. I keep asking it if it can see the whole conversation and it acts like me saying hello today is a brand-new conversation, as though what came before doesn’t even exist within that same space we’re currently talking it.