[oAuth and GPT Actions] - 5 things I have learned (oAuth only)

Sorry everyone. I was busy with client work.

Instead of youtube, I am doing it as a series of Loom videos. I cannot presume that everyone has the same level of proficiency so I will do a pretty step-by-step series of videos.

Those who are more advanced may choose to skip steps, but then if you get stuck, that’s on you.

I planned to have 510 videos all on loom. In future, I may iteratively improve them based on feedback or add more such as those targeting on Windows OS


Videos (took me ~6 hrs to record and document, so pls be kind):

I spent a lot of time redoing the steps to make sure everything works as smoothly as possible.

There’s still a chance I made some mistakes that you get stuck in.

if so, please create an issue on the github repo or write here.

I’m sorry that I only finished up to the point where we have the app working on localhost with postman acting as the client.

I expect to roll out the last 2 stages later this week.