OAI API switching to pre-paid billing

One of the responses show “auto recharge is on”. How do you turn on that option??

I have seen this around the web… that they were going to implement pre-paid instead of monthly. Personally, I haven’t seen an email nor does it appear anything is changing in my account.

I don’t analyze it, I just use it but, maybe this will help someone figure it out?

I don’t understand the tiers but, it doesn’t look like I’ve done anything over the moon to get to a “tier 3”.

I am just now starting to really use it these last couple of months.

This is my billing history

This month I will get billed
$87.83 / $100.00 limit

This is untenable! So I need to wake up in the middle of the night to “top up” my account if my app gets a surge of users?? how is this scalable??? imagine if AWS did that?
Microsoft ruins everything


I have just received the email that says

Action required: To continue using the API, please add credits to your account by visiting the [billing page](I cant post links, removed link). It’s important to purchase credits by March 8, 2024 to avoid API requests being interrupted for your application-if your account does not have sufficient credits on this date, API requests will temporarily fail for your application until credits are purchased. (You can [learn more about prepaid billing](Removed link).) If you recently purchased credits, no additional action is required.

But looking at my billing options, i don’t have any button that says “start payment plan” or “prepaid billing” ? How do i set it up to auto-renew payment?

It gave me a link to show how to add a "payment plan, but my account/payment does not look like that?

I have no ability to setup a regular auto payment (that i can find anywhere) ?

Can someone advise before it runs out on the 8th March, it says, thx.


The button “buy credits” is in the paid account billing overview that is currently under monthly billing. Buying credits means billing immediately starts using those, but the monthly balance most recently is not paid by them (there was a big problem when prepaid first was sprung on users without announcement in August, where the big monthly balance could not be paid off fast enough by credits per day if you cancelled monthly billing)

The appearance of an auto-reload will likely require the later complete conversion of the account to prepaid-only as “promised” in the email, when the usage no longer can be added to a monthly bill.

If using free trial credits, those would still be used first, but when they run out, just having added a payment method to the account wouldn’t be enough.

I dont understand? Are you saying that it will be ok and i dont have to worry about keep coming in and topping it up or i do have to manually top it up ?

The auto refresh feature is currently present on accounts that have been pre-pay from the start. You can set “refill to xxx when my balance drops below xxx”.

However, it can’t be found if you are currently in monthly billing, and OpenAI fixed it so you couldn’t accidentally leave monthly billing and screw up your account. So I expect that after the conversion, this feature that you won’t discover right now will come to your account also.

Hello, last week I received an email “Action required: Upcoming changes to your OpenAI API billing”.

I went to the console and added the credits to my account.

Today I received the same email again. Is there anything else I need to do?
I did not spend the amount that I added, I am sure there is plenty of credits available.


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Hey there!

I’m guessing you probably saw the same email I did. I made a post about that email here:

I’m also seeing the (presumably) old UI - so I’ve bought credits which I can see in my Billing History, but the Billing Overview page just shows a Pending Invoice of $0.00. Not entirely sure what’s going to happen on the 8th…

Well, iv just receive yet another email from openAI, I hope you are right that we will have an option to auto-pay after tomorrow.
I have not toped my account up yet as i am waiting to see what happens tomorrow.
Why does no one seem to have a clue what we are supposed to expect? What kind of company is this :frowning:

I’m ditching this company as soon as I can. I view this as a hostile action. Imagine your app heavily relies on the GPT and you run out of credits. What genious thought of this solution???


What will happen is that your API use will no longer be added to a monthly bill. API usage will only draw from the prepaid credit balance of an account.

So with no prepaid credit balance to fund API usage (not following the email instructions to add some credit prepurchase), I think you already can figure out “what happens”…

Yea i read all that, it says nothing about how you set up an auto-pay account.

I decided i would top it up, although it still does not show anything except Pending invoice $0.00 in the billing overview, so don’t know about that either.

So i stuck $10 in, but it did not have any option to set an auto-topup which is what i want. I was going to wait until tomorrow when someone suggested that we should be able to set the auto-topup.

I shall see what it looks like tomorrow if i try to top-up again, see if they have changed the UI.

In another thread, with walkthrough of what you can expect.

same info posted here

This is the auto-recharge option that an account in pre-paid billing would have.

Auto recharge setup


Enter your desired settings

Then once configured

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This really sucks. I just received the email today.

I use Azure’s OpenAI for a lot of production projects, but they are always lagging in the latest release department which is why I still use OpenAI directly and sometimes release beta features for my projects this way.

I guess we will have to rely on Azure directly more and more and be happy with the several months back and using different regions to get the “latest” releases.

This is really not cool…

Part of the reasoning from their help center was to mitigate potential abuse and fraud from bad actors.

I am not a bad actor and I have paid hundreds of dollars so far without missing a single payment.

If someone has been paying successfully for 6 mo+ (i have been for well over a year) can’t you consider that person a reliable customer? Maybe put a cap on their monthly spending if its out of line or a “confirm authorization”. This does not seem the to be the correct way to handle this OpenAI…


How do you enable auto-billing if you already have auto-billing? This message doesn’t appear to offer any other option for API usage:

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just got the same today. What kind of nonsense is that. We’ve always paid our invoices on time, continuously grown the usage and spending, and now what - switching us to a PREPAID plan? Like a 5th grade project with prepaid credits? Seriously?


I’ve always been punctual with my API fees and never had any delinquencies, but last October, I was compelled to transition to a prepaid system.

I’ve also included detailed screenshots of my environment in this topic for your reference.

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And, at least in my case, given only 7 days to switch with absolutely no previous warning that something like this was about to happen.

Not a good way to treat loyal, longtime customers.