Noteable plugin is not in plugin store

Noteable plugin is not there in the plugin store. Please relist the plugin. Thanks. Hoping for a fast resolution.


Bring back Noteable!!! Unverified within last 24hrs, then just removed from the store. The plugin has been updated and just waiting on OpenAI to approve. I love code interpreter but nothing matches the capabilities of noteable. Hope to see it back as soon as possible.

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Itll be back shortly Im sure. This is a planned outage.

Planned outage? Noteable forum admins are telling its users that their part is done, update finished and uploaded for review from openai. Can you define the planned part if it’s not a part of their plan?

You just said it… They had to update their manifest and were well aware that any time that happens, OpenAI has to review. They announced on discord before it went down.

Patience is not passiveness, thank you for your time and answers!!