Not having access to CHatGPt 4o and GPT 4

Even after upgrading to Plus plan, why am i not getting access to GPT 4 and 4o

What could be the reason and how much time it take to get the access for GPT 4 and 4o

Could someone please help

Hey, it seems that GPT-4o and GPT-4 are offline, I rarely see them offline, but they sometimes are. It seems you just upgraded at a bad time, try again in a few hours, I can confirm that I have models offline for me too.

Thanks Mate,

Using Chatgpt 4 and Chatgpt Bot plus is same or i choose the wrong subscription.

for me in Chatgpt Plus showing that i have crossed the message limit and it again appear after 2 hours, is it suppose to be work like that or should it be of concern ?

It has a rate limit of 80 messages every 3 hours with GPT-4o or 40 messages with GPT-4, if you need more messages than use GPT-4o.