Not Getting the Correct Answer When Asking About Some Famous Books

The API helped me a lot with coding and logical problems. Recently I started to ask questions about a few of my favorite books. However, the answer is not related to the books asked: the API might create fake stories or summaries of a few books. For instance, I asked about the content of a story in the Grimm’s Fairy Tales: the louse and the flea. The answer got from chatGPT is not close to the content of the story. I tried to ask chatGPT three times about this, and I got 3 different versions of a story about a louse and a flea. I wonder if it is possible to add more training about storybooks. BTW I faced a similar issue when asking about the content of another book: “the silent cry” by Kenzaburo Oe. Some books might have no problem, such as “L’Étranger” by Albert Camus.