Not Authorized for Account" Error When Linking Domain to Enterprise Account

I’ve encountered while trying to link my domain to my enterprise account.

Account Details:

Issue Description: I have been attempting to add my domain to my enterprise account, a feature I believe to be included in my subscription. However, every time I try to complete this action, I am met with an error message stating “not authorized for account.” This has been quite perplexing and has halted my progress.

I am keen to resolve this issue promptly as it is critical for our operations. Could you please assist me in understanding why this error might be occurring and guide me through the necessary steps to resolve it? If there are any specific permissions or settings that I might be overlooking, your insights would be invaluable.

Additionally, if this matter requires escalating to a specialized team or if you need further information to investigate this issue, please let me know. I am available for a call or a virtual meeting to expedite this matter if required.

Thank you for your attention and prompt response to this matter. I am looking forward to your guidance and support to resolve this issue at the earliest convenience.

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HI there, did you get a resolution on this? I am having the same issue.