Non-existent Customer Support

Customer support is insultingly bad. When you report an issue, they always assume the problem is on my end, even though that’s never once been the case. They refuse to reasonably respond to issues. I have demanded to speak to a manager several times, and been promised they’d email me, that has not occurred. They refuse to call either, which is ridiculous. They have worse customer support than a cable company.

Anyone from OpenAI? Seriously folks, you’re really really bad at your jobs.

There’s a support ? cause I would like to talk with them about their content policy… I think they have lowered a little the age rate…
My GPT wants to restrict me to image for children between 3 and 5… I was thinking that Chatgpt was restricted to people above 13. I must have been totally wrong.

I know right, they started flagging stories with very faint amount of violence, lightsaber wounds, which were specifically designed so children could watch the movies. They’ve literally made something that is stricter on violence than a G-rated pixar movie. I’ve been trying to get them to actually communicate with me, they refuse. They’re “support people” are clearly bots, they recite the same posts over and over without change, that’s clearly auto-generated

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