No SMS Received when creating new account

I have tried multiple times to receive a SMS code to set up my account but none arrives.
I do receive SMS codes from other organisations ok and there is no block set by my cell/mobile provider.
Can OpenAI send a code via email or is there another work around solution?

Thanks for the reply EricGT.

I do understand why and how the verification works but simply I am not receiving the required a verification SMS.

Note: I am not an OpenAI employee.

Sorry there is not much more I can do other than to suggest read other post for other ideas.

I have not seen anyone note something that has changed regarding the SMS message problem so you either have a problem that has a resolution and have not found it yet or are just not allowed to sign up with the phone number. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for your advice.

It seems possibly that somehow my mobile number is not compatible.

I have sent a message to the support team with my number, as requested by them and will have to await their response.

It is currently taking more than their advised up to 7 days to reply due to an overwhelming amount of interest and queries.