No help available, need help signing up, cell phone number incorrectly identified as landline, no help available from anywhere

Hi- I’m trying to sign up and my perfectly normal BC Canada cell number (carrier is Telus) is falsely recognized as a VOIP number. The link to to “support” provided as a reply to a similar issue (thread now closed) is just a FAQ. Is there anybody that I can reach out to about this?

Add another to the list. Mistakenly identifying my mobile number as a landline and I am unable to establish an account. Absolutely brutal. Help us all when A.I. controls the banks!

I am having the same issue. My ordinary cell phone is being incorrectly identified as VOIP. seems like OpenAI is not addressing the issue, as there are complaints about this going back more than a month. It is not a good look for an “AI” company.

Same problem here … my phone number is that of a mobile phone and it keep indicating it as a landline. Unfortunately Canada or US is not included in the Whatsapp alternative as I have whatsapp running on my mobile phone. So frustrating especially when CHATGPT has no solution to this major bug in their verification algorithm and there is no override or physical help method to resolve this.

Same here. My 15 years cell number is flagged as a landline.

Same here. My cell phone number used to be a landline until 2015, but it still doesn’t allow me to use it …

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It appear that they have attempted to block landlines from signing up.

Landline? VoIP? Google Voice?

We do not support use of landlines, VoIP providers, or Google Voice at this time.

For security reasons we currently are only able to support completing signup verification via specifically mobile phone numbers over an SMS text message.

At this time we cannot support verification via email or via phone where the phone is a landline or VoIP (Google Voice, etc) provider.
Phone verification | OpenAI Help Center

Since most towns in Canada issue numbers from the same block of numbers for both landlines and cellphones this just means that all the phone numbers for a specific town are blocked from signup.

Best you can try is:

  • contacting support, but all my friends just had their tickets closed with no answer or solution.
  • moving to another city and getting a different number.

Man they really just dont want to have to deal with this issue do they, they have enough people using their service so fuck everyone else whos having sign up issues doe to their crap phone number system.

Same problem - says my cell is a landline. Very frustrating.

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Add me to the long list of “landline” cell phones… :crazy_face: