No, Dall-E... what's wrong with my image prompt?!

Sometimes you want an image or a textual result which is blocked for no obvious reasons by Dall-E or ChatGPT.


This thread / topic is not about bypassing the filters to create NSFW / cruel / copyrighted images, but to “fix” the mistake the “censorship of Dall-E” sometimes does.

Image prompts

For all your image prompts that should be perfectly fine, but were blocked anyhow - this is the right topic for you!

Just paste your blocked / censored prompt right here (with the answer from GPT, if possible) and tell us what you wanted to achieve.

The users here will help you out, crafting the perfect image prompt that won’t be blocked and does generate the image you were always dreaming of… and finally decided to prompt for!

Textual prompts

If you want an answer from ChatGPT and it is giving the wrong text results or blocking your question at all, please visit the lill’ brother / sister of this topic;

What’s wrong with my text prompt? We help you out! - Prompting - OpenAI Developer Forum

Example image / prompt

This is an real life example of an existing prompt that was blocked by mistake;

A whimsical dream beast with a round, large body, covered in snow-white fur.

Dall-E refused to generate the image, because there was a violation of policies.

At first sight one can think the beast was forbidden, or maybe the whimsical part of the promt.

But after testing an trying, it seemed that snow-white fur was the “forbidden” word.

Maybe because of “Snow White” (the fictional character with Disney copyrights) and maybe because the animal was “wearing fur from animals he just killed” (so it wasn’t his own fur since he was “covered” with it).

This prompt was corrected by defining it a bit different;

A whimsical dream beast with a round, large body. The beast has fur as white as the snow .

After this minor change, Dall-E did create the images without problems.



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Great idea for a thread!

Watching with interest… and ready to help with dalle3 prompts!

The term “snow-white” carries sexual, racial and drug related connotations as well.
I just had the idea to cross-reference the prompts to DALL-E with the urban dictionary and rephrase in accordance with a definition that is harmless.

I am learning everyday…

Funny thing is dat Bing did spit out a “Snow White in white snow” without problems.

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