No completion when passing comments

I am trying to get a completion when I only pass a comment with no luck. The result is just empty. This is the code:

const completion = openai.createCompletion({
							model: "code-cushman-001",
							prompt: "# Create a fibonacci series recursively",
							temperature: 0.1,
  							top_p: 1.0,
  							frequency_penalty: 0,
  							presence_penalty: 0,
							max_tokens: 35,
							// n: 3,
							stop: ["\n"],
						}).then((data) => {...

When after the comment I add something like “def” to define the function it does give me a result.

I managed to fix this by using the following prompt style:
prompt: # File type is .${fileExtension}\n \n ${fileTextToCursor}: \n""",