No beta features despite being Plus User

I created a new account today and immediately upgraded to Plus. After several hours the ‘beta features’ are not showing so I am unable to enable surfing and plugins (the reason for the upgrade and new account!).

Any ideas? I see some old threads on this topic but they are all from the period prior to the plugin roll out (May '23) so are less relevant.


I am in same boat. Signed up for PLUS today and don’t see the option. Perhaps they are still rolling it out?

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Iam also paying the PLUS subscription and I cannot see beta features and having no benefit with plus account. Can you see beta features option right now?

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No, I still cannot. Logged out, closed browser and logged back in multiple times to no avail.

However, I just saw this on the status page:


This is now working for me. The above incident was closed as fixed.

I recommend enabling beta features, toggling both the code interpreter and the plugins ‘on’ then logging out and logging back in and testing it with a new chat.

The existing chats will not have the model selector menu/functionality etc.

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