No access to gpt 4 API for my paid account

I was trying to access gpt 4 through one of my colleague’s paid accounts, but there is an error coming as no access. But Open AI has given access to all those who have at least paid 1$ access to gpt 4. Why am I not able to do it when I have paid more than that and have not yet got access? Do I need to do something from that account to have access?

Hi and welcome to the developer forum!

GPT-4 API access is being rolled out to developers as capacity becomes available, there is no longer a need to apply for a waitlist since the end of July so this will be automatic, but it depends on available compute and system load, so there is no set time scale, hopefully it is soon for all developers.

Is there a criterion to be considered as Developer, or is it something that’s general?

If you are using the API, then I would think that qualifies you, I’m not an OpenAI staff member so I don’t know their official definition, but they seem a fairly common sense kind of company.

you meant august , right ?

This is a bit of a contradiction?

You have paid, or your colleague has paid?

I must admit, having enterprise accounts would sort a lot of this circus out.

No, I mean that you not longer need to join a waitlist to get access, it will be granted as capacity becomes available.